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Moving to an electronic record system

Perhaps you’re currently using paper and pen to record client notes, and you have a cabinet full of paperwork. Though you understand the security benefits of moving to an electronic record system, and though you know that it could save you time and space, the prospect of moving your files online can be rather daunting.

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Is CORE about to see a resurgence?

The therapy professions use many outcome measures to assess the efficacy of treatment, and over the last 10 years or so, one of the most popular systems for counsellors has been CORE. Paper versions of CORE questionnaires have always been freely available; however, electronic versions were available only to users of the CORE IMS (Information Management System).

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Secure Ways to Keep Client Therapy Notes

We’ve all been there – left our wallet in a shop, left a folder on the bus or forgotten to pick up our keys in a cafe. It happens to the best of us.

When it comes to client confidentiality though, there is no room for human error. It’s absolutely critical, both to our patients and to our careers, that patient notes are kept securely.

With a little foresight, there are secure ways to keep therapy client notes, beginning with the way that you store them.

By far the most secure option is to forego paper notes and to use a digital patient management system instead. If you’re not ready to go that far, taking notes using pen and paper, transferring them to an online system and then destroying the paper notes is another viable option.

We have created an ebook that details all of this and more to help you identify the client management system that will enable you to run your practice more securely and more efficiently. Click the button to begin your download.

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Safe Ways to Manage Counselling Client Records

For some counsellors, keeping the administrative side of their work organised is a breeze. Others struggle daily to manage a growing stack of paper notes, Word documents, spreadsheets and personal and professional calendars.

And that’s not to mention dealing with security and managing the ever present risk of losing a highly confidential client file.

Online client management systems offer secure ways to keep therapy client notes, and reduce the time you spend on admin, condensing – even eliminating – paperwork, and helping you to manage your caseload efficiently.

These systems provide safe ways to organise counselling client paperwork. Notes and records are locked behind passwords or encryptions, so even if the device that the notes are stored on gets into the wrong hands, no one but the therapist can access them. Some client management systems keep records as securely as an NHS system.

Some systems also offer patient outcome questionnaires and reporting, allowing you to track a client’s progress throughout a course of their therapy.

Ultimately, choosing an online client management system it comes down to how each individual therapist prefers to manage their records. We’ve created a new ebook to help you to identify what you need from a client management system in order to run your practice more effectively and more efficiently.

10 Things to Look for in an online client management system for counsellors