Five time-saving features you never knew you needed

Is it possible to keep accurate client and business records without spending all of your free time on admin? It’s a question that we know therapists contemplate frequently, and one that we gave a lot of thought to when developing bacpac.

In addition to bacpac’s straightforward workflow, the program is packed with time-saving features to simplify even the admin processes you didn’t know could be streamlined.

Once you’re up and running with bacpac, the following extra features will make the day-to-day running of your practice a breeze, so you can focus on what matters: your patient.

5 time-saving features in bacpac client management system:

1. Quick Search
Ever spend hours rifling through papers for that one record you just can’t seem to find? bacpac’s quick search feature lets you locate a client file fast and with ease. You can search by name, email address, phone number, or other key details. So, if a client leaves a voicemail but forgets to leave their name, you can simply type their number into the quick search box, and the record appears.

2. Finance Graph

bacpac income graph
When you work for yourself or as part of a small organisation, understanding your cash-flow is paramount. Every time you add a new client session to bacpac, you’ll have the option of including a session charge, which feeds into the finance graph on your homepage. You can input your monthly or annual target income, and the graph will pull this information together, offering a clear, realtime visual of your actual income (represented by a blue line) against your target income (represented by a red line).

3. Address Book
Switching between multiple programs can get irritating. To enable you to eliminate yet another program, we’ve added an address book feature to bacpac where you can store your business contacts as well as your clients. So, when you need to contact an insurance company about a client they have sent your way, there is no need to leave the bacpac screen. You can simply click the address book feature.

4. Waiting List
There are only so many hours in a day and unfortunately, it’s not always possible to see a client as soon as they get in touch. bacpac’s waiting list feature allows you to quickly and easily see who is waiting for treatment and to ensure that no one gets lost in the system or has to wait for too long.

5. Email Reminders
Sitting waiting for the client who doesn’t show up is frustrating. You’re not only missing out on potential income, but with prior warning, you could have scheduled something else. bacpac includes a feature that can automatically email a reminder to clients the day before their appointment.

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