Moving to an electronic record system

Perhaps you’re currently using paper and pen to record client notes, and you have a cabinet full of paperwork. Though you understand the security benefits of moving to an electronic record system, and though you know that it could save you time and space, the prospect of moving your files online can be rather daunting.

Moving to an electronic record system doesn’t have to be hard work…

You can begin using bacpac at any point and hit the ground running. With little more than a name and date of birth, you can create a client record, and be ready to record treatment. If you move to bacpac during the course of a client’s treatment you can simply add a unique ID number to your paper record and rather than copying everything over right away, enter the client ID number on their bacpac record to link the electronic information to the paper file in your cabinet.

Once you have settled into using bacpac, you can start thinking about consolidating some of your records. If you decide to you would prefer to keep all of your records in one place, it’s time to start uploading your older records onto bacpac. bacpac gives you the option of uploading documents to the client record with no extra charge for storage. This means you can can scan your paper records and upload them straight into bacpac for safe keeping.

Tip: You can easily use your tablet’s camera to snap shots of handwritten notes and file them with your patient’s records in bacpac.

Over time you’ll be able to reduce the volume of your files down to the size of your laptop or tablet.

If you ever need to get the information back out of bacpac, you can either download an individual file, a client record, or all of the files you have ever uploaded to bacpac in one go.

So, starting again with a new electronic record system doesn’t need to be a hassle. If you’d like help or guidance with moving to bacpac, don’t hesitate to get in touch.