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bacpac has all the features you need to run a successful and efficient practice.
Simply click on the icons to take the tour, or click on this link to view some helpful videos on our youtube channel.

You can record client session notes

Each time you save a new session it is time, date and author stamped. With one click you have securely saved your notes so they are available to you on any device with access to the internet.



  • Safe and secure
  • Simple to use
  • Format and structure your notes to suit you

You can record client contact information

bacpac has a comprehensive client record form which allows you to fill out as much or as little as you need to. We have highlighted the key information and hidden the sections you may not need for every client, so you are not presented with an unnecessarily long form each time you register a client.



  • GP Lookup Tool
  • Quick and easy to complete
  • Flags if you may be trying to add a patient already registered

You can book appointments

bacpac has a built in calendar which links to and updates the client’s record. This means at the time of the appointment, all you need to do is add whether the client attended, type up your notes and click ‘save’.
You can store the location, time, date and type of appointment against the patient, safe in the knowledge your information is stored securely. If you need to change the appointment, simply drag the appointment to a new date and time in the calendar.

Book appointments


  • Automatically link to client’s record
  • Improve efficiency and save time
  • Move appointments simply by drag and drop

You can manage your caseload

bacpac displays your active caseload at all times so you can easily keep track of who you are currently working with.
Once you close a case, your client is removed from your active caseload list to make it easier to control.
bacpac also has a waiting list facility to monitor the clients you are not ready to see, helping you to plan ahead.

Manage your caseload


  • Helps you keep track of your waiting list
  • Quickly finds clients on your caseload
  • Separates closed cases from your active caseload

You can complete outcome questionnaires

Outcome questionnaires can be a really useful tool when monitoring client progress.
bacpac has a selection of built in questionnaires which can be completed directly within the client’s record and stored securely. Once an outcome questionnaire has been completed more than once, bacpac plots the scores on a graph so you have a clear picture of the client’s progress.

Outcome questionnaires


  • Complete outcome questionnaires directly within the client record
  • Outcome graphs
  • Easy to monitor client progress

You can generate correspondence

bacpac has a flexible, customisable template system so you are in control of exactly what you send to your client.
When you make a new appointment, with your client’s permission, bacpac will create an email reminder which will be sent the day before the appointment.



  • Email appointment reminders
  • Customisable templates
  • Fewer missed appointments

You can manage your finances

bacpac lets you set your target income, then monitor your performance against your targets. You can set your session charge on an organisation, case and session level, to ensure each session has the correct charge against it. Any invoices can be uploaded directly onto the client’s record, so everything is stored safely in one place.

Manage your finances


  • Finance graph
  • Upload invoices

New clients can self-refer

bacpac allows you to place a short form on your website or networking site, which potential new clients can fill in, automatically creating a new, secure bacpac record. You’ll receive an alert, so that you or a colleague can initiate contact and set up a first appointment.

Reporting dashboard


  • Clients can easily initiate contact
  • Improves efficiency
  • Saves time

You can customise bacpac to suit you

We understand that not all therapists and practices work in the same way. Therefore you can control the terminology you use and the content of each field, such as your appointment locations and the types of therapy you offer.

Customise to suit you


  • Customisable
  • Flexible
  • Personal

Fast and Simple Set Up

To get you started as soon as possible, we have put all the key settings you need in one place. When you first log in to bacpac, you will be guided through the setup wizard to choose a password and add your key information, appointment locations and therapy options.

Easy set up


  • Easy to follow
  • Quick to set up
  • All you need to get started, in one place