Users Rate Bacpac Highly in Therapy Today Review

Did you catch Therapy Today’s independent review of bacpac? Here are a few excerpts…

… “I’ve got a laptop at home, but I use my tablet when I work from my therapy rooms. bacpac is secure, portable and very convenient as I can access my notes from anywhere on my tablet.”

… “I just click through my notes – no more sifting through papers and files.”

… “I have a graph on my homepage that shows how I am progressing towards my target income. It means I can keep a constant check on my cash flow.”

… “The support from Mayden is excellent. There is usually someone available who will sort things out for you.”

… “The cost is equivalent to that of some of my advertising and it’s just as necessary for the success of my business. If it makes it possible for me to do my work ethically and professionally, it’s worth every penny.”

Curious to find out more? Read the full article here.