The importance of bacpac user feedback

bacpac was created especially for counsellors and psychotherapists, and we’re determined to make sure that the program remains the patient management system that best meets your needs.

That means we’re continually working to adapt the system to make your life easier. The team at Mayden has been working with counsellors and psychotherapists for many years now, so we’re confident that we understand how you like to work.

Having said that, the direct feedback we get from those of you using the system has been invaluable in the development of bacpac. We have a schedule of new features that we’ll be rolling out over the coming year and we continue to receive great suggestions for features that would make your lives easier.

For example, the bacpac system was created to help you eliminate pen and paper, to allow you to keep your notes secure and in one place. What we didn’t realise immediately is how helpful it could be for you to quickly and easily print client notes. When a client explained to us that sometimes, you need paper copies of notes – like when a client requests them, or when you can’t access the internet – we swung into action and started building a method which will allow notes to be printed from bacpac with just a couple of clicks.

This kind of intel is really valuable to the evolution of bacpac, and your opinions and suggestions make all the difference. If there’s something you love, something you hate, or something you wish existed within bacpac, let us know. It’s our priority that the system continues to grow to suit your needs.

So please, continue to get in touch and let us know what you like, what you don’t like and what you would like to see next.

Top Tip: Take a look at the bacpac help site to discover more about the features currently available in bacpac.