Make It Easy for New Clients to Self-Refer

As a private practitioner it’s likely that you only get paid for the hours you spend working with your clients. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for admin or for marketing yourself to prospective new clients.

bacpac helps increase efficiency and reduces the time you spend on admin in numerous ways, from its simple caseload management tools and fast navigation, to built-in outcome questionnaires and auto-generated correspondance, to the new self-referral tool.

This tool allows you to place a link on your website or online counseling directory profile to a form which prospective clients can then complete, quickly and easily referring themselves to your service. This form can easily be customized with a logo and a message to your prospective clients.

The information that is inputted to the form is then securely sent and saved to your bacpac account. You’ll see an alert on your homepage notifying you of their inquiry. Once you receive a new request you can choose to either:

  • quickly and easily turn their inquiry into a brand new patient record;
  • add the inquiry to an existing record, updating it with new information; or
  • reject the referral as inappropriate for your service.

It’s fast and easy to set up this feature on your website. To get started, simply go to system settings, upload your logo and under the self referral section add you custom message, then click to publish.