How safe are my bacpac client records?

bacpac was designed to ensure that your client records are safe, secure and completely confidential.

The software is hosted on a secure hosting platform by Mayden – we’re the company behind bacpac, and have over 20 years of experience developing protected software for the NHS, voluntary services and the private sector.

Mayden has been vetted by the NHS and by the Ministry of Defence to host confidential healthcare information, so you should have absolute faith that your notes are stored safely and securely.

Each time you log into bacpac you enter a password as well as a uniquely generated access code. And should you forget to log out, after 20 minutes of idle time, the system will lock, requiring you to log in again to access your records.

Top tip: To speed up your login process, simply download Google Authenticator which will generate a secure, one-use token code.

On top of all of this, bacpac encrypts information as it is sent to our database. So if, after you hit save, the information were to be intercepted on the way to the bacpac server, it would read as gobbledegook.

There are robust procedures in place to ensure that your client information remains confidential, and if you’d like to know more, we’ll be happy to share the details of these procedures with you.