How bacpac came to B(ACP)

Welcome to the brand new bacpac blog. Thanks for dropping by! We wanted a way to share useful information, stories and news with our bacpac friends. We hope you will find it interesting and helpful in equal measure…

bacpac is unique. It’s the only client management system that was developed specifically to meet the needs of counsellors and psychotherapists working in private practice.

BACP and an advisory group of experienced psychotherapists and counsellors helped us here at Mayden to get our heads around what practitioners need. They helped us understand the unexpected extras that would ensure bacpac stood above the competition, making it absolutely invaluable to its users.

We learnt that bacpac had to combine an impeccable level of security with the convenience and portability of online access. It needed to reduce the administrative burden of record and note keeping and to help practitioners manage their caseloads with high efficiency and limited time. And it needed to be exceptionally easy to set up and to use, even for those used to working with pen and paper.

We’re thrilled to report that the results are in and bacpac checks every one of these boxes and more.

bacpac incorporates the very highest levels of security – approved by the NHS and the MoD. It’s packed with features including auto-generating correspondence at the click of a mouse, completing and storing Patient Outcome Questionnaires online, tracking outcome measures, and the easy management of finances. We’re continually rolling out new features to keep the program at the cutting edge and to make running a private practice as simple as possible so that therapists can focus on what matters: the patient.

We love to talk to people who are as passionate about their clients as we are. bacpac users tells us that they wouldn’t be without it now, so if you’re not already using the system why not have a chat with us? Our friendly team would love the opportunity to explain how bacpac could help you.