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Working from home? Our tips for staying productive, happy and healthy

Many of us will be working from home for the first time this week, and if you’re used to going into an office and seeing your coworkers every day, this could feel like a big change.

Several members of the bacpac team work remotely, and in this blog we wanted to share some tips to help you stay connected, productive, happy and healthy while working from home.

Create a daily routine
However tempting it might be to work in your pyjamas, we guarantee you’ll feel better and be much more productive if you shower, dress, eat breakfast and get the day started as normal. Set a dedicated time to step away from your computer for lunch and have an idea of when you’d like to finish up for the day.

It’s good to talk
Even for the introverts among us, working from home can feel lonely at times. Keep in touch with colleagues throughout the day using tools like Skype and Slack. Some of our remote teams have a Google Hangout running all day in the background as they work, so that they can chat to one another as if they’re in the room.

Get outside
Fresh air has a big impact on both mental and physical health, and when you’re working from home it’s all too easy not to make the time. Becca, a copywriter for Mayden recommends starting your day with a walk. “I try to think of it as my commute – getting outside for even half an hour before I start my day feels really good.”

A dedicated workspace
Whether you’re fortunate enough to have a home office or you’re making do at a small table in your hallway, try to create a dedicated workspace that’s free from the distractions of home life during your hours of work. It will help you to be more productive during the day, and means you can step away properly to relax in the evenings. Don’t underestimate the value of a good chair to protect your back.

Structure your time
Spend a little time at the start of each week writing and prioritising your to-do list, then think about the times of day you are most productive and plan your work accordingly. Becca tells us “I’m at my most creative in the mornings and early afternoons, so I tend to focus on more challenging projects first thing and save things like admin work for later in the day.”

Prioritise your mental health
Practicing mindfulness can help you feel less overwhelmed, improve sleep quality, and reduce levels of anxiety, depression and stress. Try planning a few screen breaks during your day to practice. The Mental Health Foundation’s website, is a great place to start.


Working together: Service continuity for bacpac during Covid-19

We know that private practices are facing unprecedented challenges in the light of the unfolding situation around Covid-19, and we want to reassure you that we are well prepared to support you.

Our office is responding to the recent government advice and most staff are now working from home. We are fully prepared for this eventuality and have robust and well rehearsed business continuity and contingency plans in place. Our technology and best practices enable us to provide a consistently high level of service irrespective of the location of our people or the length of time any alternative working arrangements may be required.

Similarly, we are in regular contact with our key suppliers, who have assured us of their plans and mitigations. We are confident that we can continue to provide our products and services as normal in all circumstances.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will update you with any changes we make to our approach in response to developments.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the bacpac team if you have any questions – we are here to support you.